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VIGIA Risk Management has been developed to support the operation of your company’s risk areas and its main objective is to facilitate the consolidation of information and risk management through the definition of controls and documentation of said management. Based on the Enterprise Risk Management (E.R.M) approach, as a standard definition of risk management proposed by ISO 31000, VIGIA Risk Management is a guarantee for risk management compliance with international standards.

Software Features

Software Definition

Definition and evaluation of any type of risk

Our risk management software allows its users to define and evaluate any type of risk to which your company is exposed. This means that our system will interpret from operational risks to strategic and reputational risks, including any other type to which your organization is exposed.

Software Definition

Definition of risk mitigation controls

Each risk evaluated and defined within the system can be assigned a control and its effectiveness. In this way, it will be possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s controls and how well the risks are being managed.

Management Tools

Consolidation and interpretation of information

When the risks and their respective controls have been defined and evaluated, it is possible to see the consolidation of the risk maps under different criteria. This is a great tool that facilitates risk management as it allows management to be approached from different perspectives that help decision-making in the risk area.

Management Tools

Registration and management of materialized risks

In VIGIA Risk Management we have the tools to carry out the record of materialized risks. This function allows keeping a historical record of the materialized events that have been registered. In case these types of events are constantly being registered, there can be done an analysis of the documented reasons to stop this trend.

Management Tools

Consolidated risk management reports

By having all the risk information and its controls in a single system, VIGIA Risk Management allows you to generate consolidated reporting panels that lead to an overview of risk management from different points of view. This allows analysis from different perspectives to create control policies where your company needs them the most.

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