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Our software makes easier the
AML & CFT management

Who are we?

We are a team that has been facilitating the work of our users for more than 25 years

We automate processes

Our systems automatically do the work that is usually done manually.
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We consolidate data

All process information consolidated in a single system.
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We give traceability to management

Record of the management activities carried out.
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what makes us different

Our commitment at Solusoft

From day one, we set out to offer our clients the best information systems that can be found on the market and we have done so. Our products have the highest quality under both national and international standards so that the day-to-day life of our users is as simple as possible.

Our pride

Some of our clients

In our history, we have found, more than clients, allies that have helped us to be better every day and of whom we are very proud to be suppliers. Large companies trust our products and it is our responsibility to guarantee them the highest quality.

HOW do we improve the way you work?

Get to know the products that will facilitate your day-to-day work

Our Consulting Services



We are convinced that a simpler solution to a problem can always be found. This is the reason why we keep innovating constantly in our products and services, to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Nuestros elementos diferenciadores


We have had the pleasure of working with companies from different sectors. Our clients range from large breweries, through construction companies, to all kinds of financial entities, thus serving as an example of the adaptability of our products to meet the needs of our users.

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In the world of technology, and specifically in the world of software, we know that things can always be done better. Therefore, at Solusoft we are constantly looking for ways to be better in order to support our customers as best as possible.

Our Industries

Our products make day-to-day work easier in the financial industry.

Thanks to the adaptability of our systems, we are able to meet the needs of any industry in the market.

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