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All our products have been designed to exceed user expectations

Our differentiator

Why choose Solusoft?

Our experience

Thanks to our 25 years of experience in the market, we have learned a lot about the needs of users and have developed the software that best suits them, thus improving the work of our clients.

Our innovation

At Solusoft we are constantly reinventing ourselves in order to offer the best software to our users. Therefore, we offer free updates every 3 months to ensure that we make your work easier every day.

Support to our customers

Our software is designed to do deep work. For this reason, we are convinced that accompanying our clients at all times in the use of our systems is an added value that improves the experience of our users.

What we do

We develop software that makes your work easier

We are constantly updating our information systems to make them adapt as good as possible to our customer needs.

Licensed software
Users that have used our products
Our products

The best allies for your management

Work with us

Make your day to day more productive with Solusoft.

Process Automation

Let the operational work be done by our software so you can focus your attention on the important part: management.

Consolidate Data

Information is useless if it doesn´t help you decide. Make your information accessible and consolidate it in our systems to make your work easier.
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